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Nicyia7.0 Game engine has dropped on the PTR. No DH or legion content just your new specs and animations. Remember Beta till September so class balancing is not final. Get the PTR and we could try a raid.
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Verdie GMSo, one week into making of a re-formed Mythic team. We killed 5/13M on Weds and today Socrethar and Fel Lord joined the fallen enemy pile. Thanks for those that have been in the raids! ^^
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Alrysia   Well done folks! Getting my new computer after the Euros so will be around if you need me.
Verdie GMHappy Birthday Lightning! ^^
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Lightning   Thank you
RolypolyOverwatch FTW! I've seen a few of you online recently... *cough* Duethril * cough*
Mak   If there's a Bastion in the game, he automatically gets PotG...
HunttresGood day ! Well long story short IRL take ower 100% and well im not online for next few month more less ....And how do perception of wow changes goes [link] my guildies stay good ! Ower and out !!!!
World of Warcraft: Who's the Tank?
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Verdie GM  created a new thread Forum clean-up! in the News & Announcements forum
Verdie GMLogged into the forums like usually and the other day I logged into TS and both times I'm thinking how great it is to have these tools in order to communicate with you folks.

And so I want to take a small moment to appreciate Roly for keeping forums and TS server up and running for us all - Thank you Roly! :)
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