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Vinzlage GM15% Krosus hyyyyyype....

[Cries internally]
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JandiaHey me and Felbourne have been talking about a Warcraft III FFA night and were wondering if any one wanted to join us.
A FFA WC3 Guild Night
Vote Now! [Have the game, want to come ] [Have the game, dont want to come ] [Dont have the game, Want to come] [Dont have the game, dont want to come]
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Cereals   Holy hell, its been a while since I played WC III, you've got my attention
Vinzlage GMHello Members of TRJ:

Saturday Raid Nights will be up and running again (starting from this Saturday 25th of February) and it will be held from 8:30 until 11:00 (or until people are tired!).
The raid is Nighthold on normal difficulty and the required ilvl is 870 (with exceptions to people that can perform well).

As things are atm, we won't switch from normal to heroic ever on Saturday Raid Nights since it is a place where both raiders and non raiders of the guild are able to join and people may learn one thing or another with each other.

TS3 is however required! (with exception to people that can perform well).

Kind regards
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helladin   yaaaay
Sooko994   registered to The Royal Jesters
koivwhen you are at work but still want some of that WoW feeling...
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[Senpai] AskaDuethril anyone?
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[Senpai] AskaCan it get any more exciting?
TRJ vs Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community f...
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Duethrilpls halp
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Cereals   It was 0.7%!
[Senpai] Aska   It was ~10m hp!
[Senpai] AskaTo all people that just cant get stuff they need.
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DemzyFor you Overwatch players out there
If Overwatch Quotes were forced into a Conversation (Animati...
Hilarious parody using ONLY the lines from the game. 10+ Min...
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[Senpai] AskaNewest DLComic. Considering how much things going on during encounters. Dungeon journal should display the thing at the end.
Upcoming Class Tuning Changes - 1/24/17 - World of Warcraft ...
As we prepare for the opening of Mythic Nighthold, we're planning another round of balance tuning for a few specs. These will be applied with the next weekly maintenance. Druid Fer...
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DuethrilV l2legendary scrub V
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Ðotzon   gotta love that putin
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Ðotzon   lucky mtf
NaesEz Pz
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Ðotzon   getting paid and getting laid
Pawwp   i would fuck that guy on your pic naes.
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