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VinzlageHello RT1, Please sign the calendar for Tuesday.

It is for Archimonde Mythic, and I think it is time we kill him again...

p.s. It is fine if you can't raid, you won't get any for of penalty from me
ApollynIn Legion I plan to post a Warlock Guide that will be specific to raids... meaning that stat priority etc... will be based on how warlock is to be played on each fight and not depending on sims since no fight is like a simcraft fight anymore....

I plan to go in-depth on EVERY fight to show cooldown usage, talent choice and tips for each fight since all guides are just general and don't provide beneficial information for each fight.

Note: Probably nobody will alt warlock so rip
VinzlageHappy Birthday Roly!
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ApollynPre-Patch Confirmed July 20th... (next week)... hyp3.
The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Arrives July 20
The skies over Azeroth are growing darker. . . . The Legion pre-expansion patch is arriving on July 20, and we wanted to give you a heads up about what to expect-and when you can e...
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Dotzon   what is a prepatch
Apollyn   what is life
Vinzlage   created a new thread For Lady Gallant in the News & Announcements forum
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Verdie GMDid anyone video the Gorefiend kill btw? Even a certain dead mage? :d

ps. Sign up for Legion oldies and new ones. ~
Nicyia   yes - Do you want the footage?
Verdie GM  Was wondering if you were planning to upload it somewhere - not necessary but am curious? :)
Nicyia   With me being dead for 90% of the fight I won't be using that kill on you-tube. The next kill of it I will edit an upload. I'm thinking Eiffel 65 trap remix with get in my belly/Austin powers fat bastard. If it was 12 month ago I would use my 1st kill but Wod is over now. I can Dropbox the footage if you wish.
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Nicyia7.0 Game engine has dropped on the PTR. No DH or legion content just your new specs and animations. Remember Beta till September so class balancing is not final. Get the PTR and we could try a raid.
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