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CerealsYaaaaay, we're not getting nerfed to shit anymore
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Cereals   We actually kinda got an overall buff!

Might end up losing a couple of seconds in S2M but with more haste its NP and we also get dispersion back!
Ðotzon   nerf pls
Alrysia   You won't be joining me on the bench then? Shame.
Forgodsac GMWe did it :d 7/7 HC. First week. Good job all
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AlrysiaGuild is now 7/7hc. Well done RT1!
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NightzightHere is the next raid team 2 heading out again without their 2 main tanks into emerald nightmare.
World of Warcraft Emerald Nightmare Druid & Dragons
We're heading into Emerald nightmare again this time we are ...
CerealsStarting a suicide watch for spriests post-nerf

Contact me for support though this difficult time
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[Senpai] AskaThem Demon Hunter nerfs (And lock buffs)
September 23rd Hotfixes - Major Class Tuning for Emerald Nig...
The following specs will receive PvE buffs during the next maintenance period: Frost Death Knight, Balance Druids, Ret Paladins, Warlocks, Arcane and Frost Mage, Elemental Shaman a...
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NightzightFor those who want to watch some of the raid from RT2 in EM i've uploaded it now.
World of Warcraft Emerald Nightmare (First Time) almost full...
Witness the first time raid team 2 venture into emerald nigh...
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VinzlageThere is an extra raid day up for this lockout (And only this lockout for a time to come....)! Please sign if you can join or not!

The plan for now is the following:
Sunday: Clear Normal and then go to Xavius Hc
Monday: If Xavius is still up, limit the number of dps to a more... favourable amount.

You might not understand it, but we should be happy that we have made it so far with the low amount of healers (It is really, really well done of the healers!).
But we won't be able to "cover" for the lack of healing on the last boss, and we will on Monday ask that some people might have to stay out for the overall progress of the raid team...

But don't forget that we all are in the same raid team still!

Please check the guide that Louis has linked earlier and WATCH IT THOROUGHLY!!!

We might be able to clear heroic content the very first week! (Which is something we haven't done before!).

*In case you have a lot of free time, consider to run some mythic+ dungeons for some extra gear*

But other than that, I will just have to say well done and I hope everyone is eager to kill the last boss as much as I am :)
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[Senpai] Aska   Vinz... Made a smiley again. It's happening more and more frequently. Should we be afraid?
Vinzlage   Everytime I use a smiley, a part of my soul is chipped off!
Verdie   Good job on getting things going - If you have a person with Inscription with you as you down normal Xavius, I might recommend making Vantus Runes (Xavius ones ofc) for the whole raid when you go for the HC kill. The effect of those is after all limited to one boss and the extra Versatility for the whole raid can make it a lot easier. And it's a cheaper boost than dps potions etc atm. (Sorry to barge in btw, hi!) ~
AlrysiaCenarius Hc down! Guild is now 6/7hc :)

Last boss / Xavius hc on Sunday. We will most likely stream if people are interested!
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[Senpai] AskaWhen 7.1 hits, and you find this. Mail it to me! Gotta save teh Tea cups
Chipped Tea Cup
The largest World of Warcraft (WoW) information website, featuring information on classes, professions, artifacts, raids, transmog, and more.
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Nightzighti highly recomment watching this video if you want some more info about Nythendra
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VinzlageA friendly reminder to members of RT1:

Don't forget to get your seals.
Don't forget to update your addons
Don't forget to watch some boss guides
Don't forget to bring pots, flasks and food
Don't forget to choose what neck enchant you want (if you haven't been given one yet).
Don't forget that we start on Heroic.
Don't forget that we start the invites 8:15, and the first pull starts 8:30 (we will most likely have many horde, so be prepared to walk in.

After all the above has been met, please receive your complementary "happy" token.

May Lady Gallant watch over us as we once more march into the fields of glory!
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VinzlageThe schedule for this month's Lightsun festivities is up in this thread: [link]

Feel free to join the festivities, and all events has some form of gold prize for the winner/winners!

Kind regards
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