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Easy to understand guide for tonight!
Dragons of Nightmare Mythic - Tactics (Guide)
A guide to the Dragons of Nightmare Mythic in The Emerald Ni...
JustrolllingMythic Ursoc kill

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Forgodsac GMIt has died. Good job everyone tonight :) 3/7M
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Cereals   Only cost us about 1.8M gold between us... That's an incredibly conservative guess too
Ðotzon   Imagine how many noggenfoggers that would be
Whaatdoes anyone have a video of the first spiderbird kill? *pokes Justrolling*
Vinzlage   We seem to be quite bad nowadays with documenting stuff...
Do remind me that we need to take a photo of Ursoc later when he falls
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[Senpai] AskaIf you have the hidden artifact, and wonders when you'll unlock the 3 locked skins (Dungeons, WQ and PvP) - you can run this macro and it'll tell you how many you have of each
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Ðotzon   scripts are forbidden !!
[Senpai] Aska   You are forbidden!
[Senpai] AskaCan relate.
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[Senpai] Aska   [link] Cant forget feeding Nomi either (new DarkLegacyComic)
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Vinzlage   created a new thread Guild Raid Progress - 7.0 in the News & Announcements forum
VinzlageFriendly reminder to all raiders:
Don't forget your bonus rolls!
Don't forget to update your addons!

***This message is brought to you by the Guild Management Department***

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