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Vinzlage GMDunno how many people are actually reading in here anymore...

But Helya died (a bit late...)!

Now we face Gul'dan and end this chapter!
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Mak   🍆
Alrysia   Well done all!
Lightning   Good job all
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Vinzlage GMA moderately late note*

Please try to install discord as soon as possible (we are aiming to transition to it soon)

Kind regards
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Kruger   registered to The Royal Jesters
Vinzlage GMFor the people that are new (both interested on joining and recently joined) feel free to click the link to read what we have to offer and other stuff related to raiding with us :)

Kind regards

Thanks Roly for the help!
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Vinzlage GM  The link is a word document btw!
Vinzlage GMHello Everyone!

The guild has now transfered to the new server [Ravencrest]

Feel free to transfer whenever you want (if you want to join us there).
If not, you are free to stay on the old guild as long it is there.

And yes, we are still called "The Royal Jesters"

Kind regards
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Vinzlage GMHello members of the guild

The Guild will move servers on the 20th (one day before scheduled time) in order to make the transfer smoother.

I do however advise against people transfering to the server before me (it might cause some problems, so avoid doing so!).

When the transfer is complete, I will make a official post in the forum that says "it is ok to transfer now!).

Kind regards
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Nicyia   Good luck team!
The Royal Jesters has reached a new hit record of 115 unique hits today!
Vinzlage GMFor the time being, we have a Guild Discord Server up now:


The adress will be change later, but for now, that link will work.
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[Senpai] Aska[link] Is this you Cereals?
Machinima - The only time they want your attention
The only time they want your attention
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[Senpai] AskaThe newest DLComic explains why bosses don't pull until you're almost next to them.
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Duethrily u do dis game
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Duethril   [link]
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